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Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Pasadena

As a business owner in Pasadena, you don’t need us at DWMS Inc. to tell you how important it is that your office’s carpet looks clean and at its very best at all times. The simple fact of the matter is that on top of hygienic needs, a clean and well-maintained carpet is vitally important to give off the sense of professionalism that any successful business in Pasadena needs. So, whether you are a local distribution firm or a multinational tech company, you simply can’t afford to have your carpet look anything less than its best.

Does my Carpet Need to be Cleaned?

If you’re afraid of asking this question for fear of getting laughed at—don’t be. Wondering whether or not your commercial carpeting needs cleaning is a very common thought for business and property owners.

Often times, commercial carpeting is designed specifically to hide much of what is deposited on it. With busy patterning or grey/beige tones, that tightly knit carpeting is keeping a multitude of problems secret from the uneducated eye. And hey, who wants to get down on their hands and knees to see just how dirty their office’s carpeting is?

While some carpets clearly call out of or a commercial carpet cleaner with stains, wear and tear, and unpleasant smells, others play their cards close. In this case, a good rule of thumb to determine whether or not your carpet needs a good clean is to book professional carpet cleaning services every 6 to 12 months. Less for high traffic areas, more for low traffic areas.

Three Benefits of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Hey, let’s face it, there are a wide range of benefits that come from having carpet in your Pasadena office. Whether its cost-effectiveness or ease of installation and intense durability, the fact of the matter is that carpets are very important for commercial offices and workplaces of all shapes and sizes. However, one potential drawback of having carpet in your Pasadena office is that it can get quite dirty if not maintained properly. That is why it is so important that you invest in a professional carpet cleaning service that you can trust.

Three major benefits of investing in a commercial carpet cleaning service from DWMS Inc. include:

  1. Makes a Better Impression: Whether it’s prospective clients, new employees or potential investors, the condition of the carpet in your Pasadena office can go a long way to ensuring that visitors to your premises leave with the best possible first impression. A clean and well-maintained carpet is not only important for the hygiene of your office and your employees’ health, it also goes a very long way to making a lasting positive impression.
  2. Air Quality Improvement: One of the biggest drawbacks of carpet is that dust, dirt and other bits of debris can easily seep into its fibers. This can cause serious odors and, on occasion, even add to respiratory infections. At DWMS Inc. we will never use harsh chemicals to clean your carpet as they can also cause unpleasant smells as well as contribute to adverse health effects. Our team uses only the most effective EPA-approved cleaning products to ensure the optimal results for your office.
  3. Superior Option: Using our years of experience combined with the most advanced carpet cleaning equipment and techniques means that your carpet will stay cleaner for longer and can ensure that your office looks its best while also guaranteeing that the health of your employees is as protected as possible.

The Cost of Carpet Cleaning

Once you’ve realized the benefits of regular cleaning and figured out how often you should be doing it, you’re going to want to budget for the upcoming year to include this service.

At DWMS Inc. we provide our new clients with free estimates for service and speak with them on our first meeting about how often these services need to be taken care of. From there, we’ll be able to plan out the best course of action for your carpet cleaning!

There are a few factors that go into carpet cleaning cost. Traffic, size, and age will all have an effect on your overall cost. While the current average for commercial carpet cleaning is $50-75 per room, all you have to do to figure out your rate is book a free estimate with one of our dedicated staff of commercial carpet cleaners!

Qualified Professionals

After professional carpet cleaning services have gone through your commercial building space, you’ll be wondering how on earth they got your carpets so clean! There’s just something about a professional job well-done that takes cleaning to the next level. That’s because the team at DWMS Inc. is fully trained, and have years of experience working on large-scale commercial cleaning assignments.

No two carpets are quite the same. For every job, we’ll start off by determine what methods will be best for your carpeting, and then we’ll use those methods on every visit. While some carpets can benefit from industrial vacuuming, others may need a more delicate approach.

Don’t place your best on an inexperienced carpet cleaning crew and risk ruining your carpet. Rely on DWMS Inc. to make yours the best commercial carpeting in Pasadena!

Call DWMS Inc. Today

So, whether it’s to improve your carpet’s appearance, or to set a great first impression for new clients, you need to make sure that your carpet receives a professional-level carpet cleaning service regularly. When the time comes to have your office’s carpet cleaned, you need to contact DWMS Inc. today. Trust us, you’ll be glad you called.